Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's a go!

Finally, out from under the yoke of a piece of cxxx laptop, and an uncooperative printer, I am back!
I can print from my Kindle (slicker-n-snot!), I have a keyboard for my Kindle, so writing on the go is very doable.

I have been a bit depressed by the way things were, and had no means to replace the laptop and printer at the same time. But then came Black Friday and Cyber Monday...aaahhh...relief!

I have been looking over the writing I had done, and realize that...dang! I can write well!

I have a bit of a problem with low self esteem, and my head tries to tell me I can't do it, so why get stressed when the computer tells me the same thing?

Yeah. Well, I can, and I will, thank you very much!

A good day to write!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Back Again...

Well, I'm back... but not on my @$;+#! laptop. I found a word processing software for my Kindle. And a new printer is on its way. With a printer app for printing from my Kindle, maybe I can get back to writing.
I quit for a while, out of self defense. I was getting so stressed by that piece of...junk, my laptop, I gave myself permission to quit for a while. Now, I might be back on track. We shall see...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I hate 8

Windows 8 sucks. My laptop, from the beginning, has been slow, stupid, and altogether frustrating. That is why I seldom use it, preferring my Kindle Fire. But to do any writing, I need word processing software, which I can't do on the Fire.

So, the last few months have been so frustrating. Then there are the problems with the software itself. Four hours of frustration in dealing with Microsoft Word, ending with uninstalling and reinstalling it.

WHY? I had less trouble with my older, slower PC.

My Mom hates when I start yelling at my computer. But her advice to put it away and "do it tomorrow" is no help. If I "do it tomorrow", I will have the same problems then. Problems don't go away if you ignore them.

So, I guess I will have to wait for a new Windows (or an alternative). I can't get a new laptop yet.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Linear writing...

I was talking to one of our adolescents the other day, talking about writing. She is very imaginative and creative in her writing ideas, so we discussed our writing ambitions. She asked me if I was a linear writer, and this surprised me.

Once upon a time I was, but when I found out many writers were not, I thought "why not?" I had had many times when I was at a loss for what to write next, so I thought maybe if I wrote what pleased me that day, I could go back later to "what comes next."

I guess you could say that is why I am in the situation I am in now. Dozens of scraps of paper and notes in composition and pocket notebooks, even (gasp) in church bulletins, all over the place. I had a drawer in my office supply cabinet that I would throw them all in, awaiting the day I would get up the gumption to do something with them.

And that day may have never come, as I a quite a procrastinator. But I stopped putting off this one thing, and here I am, with 56 pages of writing, and a lot more to write.

What surprised me about the junior writer's question was that she even had an idea about linear writing. I hope someday to read her writing...

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Still writing...

Except for some days (that I have been making up) I am still writing. I still keep finding little bits of stories tucked away. I knew I had done some stuff, but did not realize how much. But I am such a slow typist... well, if I keep plugging away...

Monday, February 9, 2015


I just typed up the last page of my story (no, I'm not done), and felt a rush of sadness, that it would eventually be done. The ending is kind of poignant, and I like it very much.
It is basically a story about childhood, and the fantasies we have. We usually forget the magic that is childhood, replacing it with reality, and grown-up dreams.
I guess that is why I like to recapture that sense of magic, and not let it go.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dreaming of...

There is going to be a Farmhouse Concert at Joey and Rory's on my birthday...AND I'M GOING TO BE THERE!!!
I have the tickets in hand, reservations made, and vacation time requested!
I love Joey and Rory, and have wanted to see them in concert for a long time, but something always got in the way, but this time its coming together.
I can't wait!